We are super stoked to have partnered with Ninkasi Brewing!

Oregon’s Ninkasi Brewing Company is dedicated to brewing the highest quality craft beers in support of arts, music, culture, and community. Support craft music and beer!

Yummy… We hooked up with PROBAR!

PROBAR will be hooking us up with their delicious bars and we plan on sharing a few of them with you!


Cannon just hooked Katelyn up with a custom parlor guitar (that she plays on stage) and just gave Laurie a custom “tenjo” guitar — a tenor guitar tuned like a banjo!

2logoDeering Banjos!

Deering Banjos loves Laurie & Laurie loves Deering Banjos! What a match in heaven. Keep your eyes peeled for Laurie’s new banjo shortly.



We met the fine folks of DiMarzio pickups at our sold out Live From the Divide show in Bozeman, MT. They kindly asked if we would be the first folky band to be endorsed by DiMarzio. We said YES!

They’ll be dropping a new line of acoustic centric pickups and we can’t wait to hear how they sound.

Untitled-3WOW, D’Addario Strings we are so excited!

This is awesome, we can now play without worry of not having back-up strings! As you can image as a band we go through a lot of strings with all the gigs and touring, not to mention practice!

TownshedsBrew Dr. Kombucha!

We fell in love with Brew Dr. Kombucha at Northwest String Summit and we’re so excited to partner up with them to spread the Kombucha Gospel!

100% Raw, Organic…and made here in Oregon. You just can’t go wrong!